Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lab D

Finally Lab D was here. From my experience with Lab C, I decided to stay with self defense, but I wanted to change the style of teaching by adding in stations. At each station I posted the directions which were simple to follow, with the materials needed. I unfortunately was coming on with a cold that day so it was tough for me to sleep the night before.I was well organized for this lesson and it definitely showed. I wanted to make sure I really scored at least a 4 out of 5 on the time coding sheet and I wanted to score as many points as possible on the C9 form. I really feel that following that form as a guideline will help me as a teacher in the future. The lesson went well and I didnt have any serious discipline issues that I needed to take care of. Everyone behaved well and when there was a slight issue, I handled them properly. One thing I learned is when using stations, it is tough to answer everyone questions on time. Students may have a question at the same time from another group and it is our responsibility to answer them. It is best to answer a question as best as possible before moving onto the next question. Also, when teaching stations, I tried to arrange them so they were in my vision at all times. Working with self defense, its important to make sure the students dont fool around and end up hurting one another. I focused more on my closure and it definitely showed. Although I still felt rushed, the closure went well but it was my fault that I rushed through the ending. I gave a bit to much instruction that I really didnt need. Here is my transcript if you wish to check it out. I still caught myself saying alright and it was starting to get annoying. I will try to expand my vocabulary and focus on different words to say. My feedback increased much more and I was very pleased with the overall feedback I gave. The statements were clear and some refered to the actual skills which were performed. Great Job class! =)

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