Monday, December 1, 2008

Lab C Day 1

For Part 1 of Lab C I was excited to teach something totally new to the class. Most of the students in the class already participated in the SUNY Cortland Self Defense program but for this day, I was the person who was in charge. Danielle was my partner for this Lab and we had to evenly split the time. Danielle would start first and I would come in second to finish up for 7-8 minutes. As I was preparing to step up and teach, I was much more confident because this was something I was comfortable with teaching. Preparing to teach this lab was more difficult than I expected because I had to come up with several tasks to teach. Although the lesson was only 15 minutes, the tasks had to be divided amongst my partner and I. Danielle was also new to self defense so I had to introduce the skills and techniques to her a few days prior to teaching. When teaching its important to stress safety because there is a great amount of contact during this lesson. I felt that I did not stress safety enough during the different techniques which were taught. After I completed Lab C day 1, I felt very confident in the demonstration in which I provided and the feedback which I was given. My closures need work but I feel that when the time is increased for Lab D, I will be able to calm down and focus on the important keys to a closure.

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