Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lab C Day 2

Coming into Day 2 of Lab C I was well prepared. The only thing that I was worried about was teaching in the field house which was very hard to do. The high ceilings and noisey lights, usually make it very hard for the students to hear what is said, but I was able to pull it off well. I planned to continue with the techniques beause the students seemed very interested. I started off by showing all of the students the classroom rules which everyone followed very well. I noticed that I sounded a bit more energenetic and comfortable being up there and I was starting to change my style of teaching. I realize that my voice is very deep and at times it may be hard to understand what I am exactly saying so it is important to ask questions and speak slower. One of the problems with my lesson was that I had to many tasks in such a short time. With all of the tasks, I found myself rushing throught them and saying Alright more than usual, as shown on my transcript. After viewing my time coding form, you can clearly see that there was too much instruction. Listening to myself, I would say the only negative thing with my voice is that it is really deep. I feel that deep isnt necessarily bad because I have great projection. I was very pleased with this lesson and recieved compliments on my improvement. Its important for me to focus on more feedback in the next lesson to keep the class positive.

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